Banggereng-Red Dogs


We proudly present!!!!!!

Pavla en Marcela Stancova,

Pavla Stancova, is a very talented photographer, she makes beautifull picuters of all kinds of animals.

The other love of Marcela is breeding goats.

We are so proud to announce that we have a full coorperation with Pavla & Marcela and their beautifull dogs, we hope to expand our kennel in the future.

All the newsfacts about our Cjech friends you can find here at the special pages of Skip, Bugu and who knows in the future.....



This is the story of Pavla & Marcela how they fell in love with the Australian Cattledogs:

  • When viewed some of the books we've seen for this dog. "This dog will have one time! Who would then take them seriously? We had a dog, then graced us with his presence and beautiful headstrong girl giant blac schnauzer called Denny z Mandlovek and the other dog was not an option. A few years later we saw an article about australian cattle dog in one magazine. And how pleasant discovery was that the kennel is only several  kilometers. Slowly we founded information. We contacted the owner, asked to meeting and hoped that it will have a new puppy. He did not. There was a moment of disappointment. Denny died few months before Christmas. And Christmas time without a dog would be so sad... Only one phone call was a puppy on world in the kennel which we originally wanted a puppy. In a few weeks we drove for a puppy. SKIP. Birth name Hobart Bullit Star. Of course we havent only one cattle dog. In 2010, we brought 2 puppies, from second Skip's litter with blue Balista, from Husova tvrz. BUCH HOBART and BON HOBART. The kennel had great puppy socialization, All our dogs have an amazing temperament, talents to work and many show success.Thanks to them, we met another world. Amazing world of tcattle dogs And because cattle dogs are never enough now we are co-owner of next Skip's puppy. Banggerend Bobby McGee. And ... in the future we hope there will be already blue girl, but who knows, maybe it will turn red.