Breed information

The Australian Cattle Dog is a relatively young breed, in Australia a hard dog that all farmers sought work conditions and the rugged terrain of the outback could work independently and could go to the farm cows. The dog that eventually got the look and innnerlijk of the current Australian Cattle Dog finds its origin in various races such as the Border collie, Dalmation dog, Bull Terriers and also there was a Dingo in bred. This got the dog its imposing tough and rugged appearance.

The Australian Cattle Dog is an active dog who likes with the boss goes on step, he is created to work and this is also clear in his character. The Australian Cattle Dog is an intelligent, smart dog with a very high "drive" and if he is not enough pursuits go find yourself fiddling he will not always appreciated will be by the boss.

The Australian Cattle Dog is a somewhat distant strangers dog, he loves his personal space and any who will not respect this is clearly warned, if the ACD once in his/her heart closed he will greet you with an exuberant reunion.